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Hmnkind - Antibacterial Performance Mask
Hmnkind - Antibacterial Performance Mask
Hmnkind - Antibacterial Performance Mask


Hmnkind - Antibacterial Performance Mask

$ 28.00 $ 19.60

From the Maker, HMNKIND (California):

Our Antibacterial performance mask (APM) feels like cashmere on the skin, while offering more protection than a cotton mask. Invented and patented by k beauty skincare experts, the APM is easier to wear throughout the day because it's more breathable and 99.9% antibacterial which mean it is odor fighting. No longer do you need to suffer from a funky smell due to a dirty mask. The APM is also super skin friendly: 99% UV protection, does not clog pores with bacteria and does not strip the skin of natural moisture. 100% patented wet polyurethane foam (lauded in the beauty industry for it's texture, durability and antibacterial properties). Hand wash only, with mild nonscented soap. Wring out excess water and hang open to dry. Should dry super fast! Comes in sealed packaging (might be paper envelopes or recyclable plastic).

XS - Recommended for Age 4-10

S - Recommended for Age 10 +, Smaller Adult Faces

M - Recommended for most adults

L - Recommended for adults with rounder face