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TruBee Honey

TruBee Honey - Regular & Whipped

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From the Maker TruBee Honey (Eagleville, TN):


5 oz jars in three flavors: Creamed Lavender, Creamed Tennessee Snow, and Wildflower Summer. 

Creamed Tennessee Snow and Creamed Lavender whipped honeys: Our creamed honey (also called spun honey or whipped honey) is perfect as an all-natural topping on cinnamon rolls, toast and even stirred into tea. Whipped honey also is called "creamed" or "spun" honey. It is unprocessed honey that's been whipped to a spreadable texture.

Wildflower Summer honey: This is the condensed taste of hot, country pastures and plains, full of clover, thistle, dandelion and privet nectars, and, of course, magnolia pollen. Did we mention clover? Pair this one with coffee on a cool morning, or a tangy bleu cheese. This is also the honey with the most "classic" honey taste, because most folks have had clover honey.  

TruBee Honey - Regular & WhippedTruBee Honey - Regular & Whipped